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Solar2D Playground:

Solar2D Playground is an interactive website, developed and maintained by Eetu Rantanen, that allows you to create and run Solar2D projects instantly online.

You can find more of my personal projects over at my code portfolio site: www.xedur.com. I work on all sorts of interesting projects, as well as plugins for Solar2D, in my free time. If you like what I'm doing and wish to support me, then consider buying me a cup of coffee over at Ko-fi.

Playground limitations & Solar2D:

For convenience sake, and due to issues like CORS, Solar2D Playground does not support network requests or sockets. This means that you are limited to using the assets that are included in Solar2D Playground. Solar2D's HTML5 builds are also still in beta.

If you wish to develop games and apps without any such limitations, then download Solar2D, a free and open source game engine.

Solar2D development is sponsored by its users. Support the project on GitHub Sponsors or Patreon.

In true open source spirit, the entire Solar2D Playground source is available under the MIT License.